I.M.P.A.C.T. is a Christian home school co-op in Maple Valley, Washington. We meet on Mondays from September through May, with a few breaks. We have five, fifty-five minute class periods, plus chapel, and a lunch break.

The classes we offer include, but are not limited to, mathematics, history, sciences, Latin, and literature. We also offer different electives each year. For the youngest siblings, we have a nursery and a preschool class.

Some of the curriculums that we use are Apologia Science (both elementary and high school levels), Story of the World, Mystery of History, and Abeka.

Periodically, we plan social events outside of our Monday meetings for the different age groups. These have included field trips, play dates, craft parties, meals, limo rides, and semi-formals.




Our Focus


It is our goal for our children to be the spiritual leaders of the future. All of our curriculum choices are from a biblical Christian world view. Each week we join together for chapel.


Our goal is to provide a quality of academics that fuels a love for learning in our younger students, and prepares our older students for whatever the most challenging post high school careers or academic choices they choose.


We organize social activities and outings for all age groups, including a semi-formal for high school. The highlights of the year for our students are the Student Expo in April, where students display projects and perform for guests, and the high school graduation in June.